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"Хотят ли русские войны?"

Оригинал взят у onkel_hans в Do the Russians Want a War?
If they bomb and kill people on somebody else's land, this they do not call a war. This kind of war they adore.
They call it a war only if they have to fight on their own land. This kind of war they do not want.

There is a memorial in Moscow, dedicated to the Russians who fought in foreign lands across the oceans and seas in almost all continents of the world.
This memorial shows the wars waged from 1900 through 2000.
The memorial mentions the 2nd war in Chechnya, misses the 2nd war in Georgia and the current war in Ukraine.

Soldier Full

1904 1900

1936 1939

1950 1961

1975 1982

And then the Russians blame the whole world that the people there do not ardently love them.

Информация об этом памятнике - здесь.
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